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By December 20, 2020


Similar people lost more than 10 lbs on the Mediterranean diet

-5 lbs

After first week



Body change estimations:

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We believe in a balanced way to lose weight and keep the weight off. We know that most of the diets or weight loss programs that you have tried in the past don’t work – they are just too hard to follow. Enormous food cravings, friends that visit you with a bottle of wine, that freshly baked cheesecake… Everything affects your journey and if your diet is not easy-to-follow, you are not going to achieve your results.

Don’t blame yourself. It’s really hard. That’s why our nutritionists and personal coaches work around the clock to prepare the most personalized plans you love. We want to make sure that it becomes a part of your life. We don’t change habits, we help you to improve them.

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Head of Nutrition,
Harriet Houlihan