The Ultimate Popeyes Keto Guide: Low Carb Options on the Go

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Have you been wondering: Can I eat keto at Popeyes?

The answer is definitely YES, you can eat at Popeyes if you’re on the keto diet! Find out exactly what and what to order with this comprehensive Popeyes keto low-carb guide.

Popeyes is a multinational fast food restaurant chain that can even be a keto friendly option. Of course, you shouldn’t consider Popeyes as your first place for keto food but when you are on the go and don’t have time to prepare your meals, Popeyes could be a suitable spot to maintain a ketosis state.
So, please follow this guide that I’m about to show you and you can enjoy some delicious keto friendly meals at Popeyes!

Let’s start:

Where I Found Nutritional Information For Popeyes Meals:

Popeyes provides information on its website, I sourced all my nutritional information from there. The information makes it easy for us to order a customized item, and know how many carbs are in the meals we order.
Please, if I made any errors regarding the nutrients information, let me know in the commenting section and I’ll correct it.

Popeyes Keto Breakfast Options:

For breakfast, a great option would be an Egg & Sausage Biscuit. Each sandwich contains a high amount of 43g of carbs, eliminating the BISCUIT makes it less than 7g of carbs.

Popeyes will let you customize the meal, sometimes at an extra cost and sometimes for the same price (depending upon location). Always, try to remove any sort of biscuits and high-carb sauces.

Drink Options:

The best option for a drink I would say is coffee as it only contains 0g of carbs.

Popeyes Keto Lunch & Dinner Options:

-Handcrafted Tenders – Blackened:

Handcrafted Blackened Chicken Tenders is definitely a keto friendly option, it’s batter-free, non-breaded and has a delicious Popeyes flavor.
For the normal size (3 Pieces) it has total calories of 170 and only 2g of carbs making it perfect choice if you are on keto.
The extra size (5 Pieces) has 283 calories and 3g of carbs.

You can add some sauces for dipping and here a list of Popeyes keto friendly sauces:
Blackened Ranch: 118 calories and 2g of carbs
Buttermilk Ranch: 150 calories and 3g of carbs
Mardi Gras Mustard: 95 calories and 5g of carbs
Tartar: 140 calories and only 1g of carbs

-Popeye’s Famous Chicken Wing, Leg, and Thigh:

For dinner, those foods could be considered low-carb options.
Whole Wing (each) contains 210 calories and 8g of carbs, Leg (each) has 160 calories and 5g of carbs and Thigh (each) 280 calories and 7g of carbs.

Here, you can get more creative and drop the carb amount and the calories overall. By just peeling off the breading, you could reduce a significant amount of amount carbohydrates in each one of these pieces of chicken.

Also, I like to pair this dish with additional Popeyes Signature Sides.

Green Beans is a common option that won’t wreck your ketosis. it only has 55 calories and 7g of carbs. You could pair with Jalapeño as well, as it only contains 5 calories and around 1g of carbs.
Popeyes offers combo or family style dishes that includes various pieces of chicken and several Signature Sides.

You can always just ask for your preferences and the combos you like according to your keto diet.

Beverages Options:

Popeyes has some Beverages that can keep us in a ketosis state.

Diet Coke is a popular option as it has than 1g of carbs, it has 0g of carbs Unsweetened Tea is another option that contains 0g of carbs as well.

Desserts Options:

When it comes to dessert Popeyes definitely not a keto friendly option. In their menu Popeyes has 5 desserts choices:

Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie:
This contains about 236 calories, 16g of fat and 35g of carbs.

Mississippi Mud Cake:
This decadent dessert contains 260 calories. It’s fat content is about 7g and a high amount of 50 carbs.

Mardi Gras Cheesecake:
This one of Popeyes’s popular desserts. It contains 320 calories, 21g fat and total carbs of 29g.

Edwards Sliced Pecan Pie:
This Pecan Pie has 410 calories, 21g of fat and extremely high amount of 52 carbs.

Sweet Potato Pie:
This contains about 350 calories, 19g of fat and 41g is the amount of carb.

Those all of Popeyes desserts won’t fit your keto lifestyle and will absolutely wreck your diet. so, don’t even think about ordering desserts.


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-Foods To Avoid At Popeyes If You Are On Keto:

Unluckily, we have a long list of food that you should avoid at Popeyes. This list just won’t work alongside the keto diet.

Let’s get started:

Breakfasts To Avoid:

As I’ve mentioned earlier, all of the breakfast menus should be modified. Whatever you order try to remove any sort of biscuits and sausages. Just ask them, or toss it yourself. You should also stay away from Gratis and Hash Rounds, as they contain 80g and 41g of carbs respectively.

Regarding drinks, don’t order Orange Juice cause it has a high amount of 33g carbs. Just stick with the Coffee option.

Lunch & Dinner To Avoid:

Here, you will need to stay away from all Handcrafted Tenders that are non-blackened. Regular Handcrafted Tenders (Spicy Or Mild) are all breaded and do contain a huge amount of carbs.

For 3 Pieces we get 181 calories and 29g carbs. Handcrafted Nuggets, one of Popeyes most popular dishes contains also contains a significant amount of carbs. 15g per 6 pieces.

Signature Sides To Avoid:

If you like to pair your dishes with Popeyes Signature Sides, unfortunately, we have a long list to stay away from.

Except the Green Beans and Jalapeño avoid all of these:

list of popeyes keto signature sides to avoid

Sauces To Avoid:

  • Bayou Buffalo: 74 calories, 16g carbs
  • Boldbq: 45 calories, 10g carbs
  • Sweet Heat: 73 calories, 19g carbs
  • Creole Cocktail: 30 calories, 7g carbs

Beverages To Avoid:

As we’ve discussed earlier, in Beverages you only limited to choose from Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi or Unsweetened Tea.

Here is the full list to avoid:

list of popeyes keto beverages to avoid

How Often Can I Eat Popeyes On A Ketogenic Diet:

Eating fast food on a daily basis probably isn’t your optimal choice to save your ketosis, picking up Popeyes keto food occasionally would be a safer option for your keto diet.

Some days, when you are traveling, busy with work, family, or social engagements, you might find yourself in a Popeyes restaurant, Just try to order as I showed you and you won’t be cheating on your diet.

Final Thoughts:

My best advice for eating strict keto meals is to avoid fast food restaurants as much as you can. Stick with a homemade meal consists of high-quality meats, healthy fat, and low-carb vegetables for a balanced keto meal.

If you’re out and Popeyes is the only option then order Popeyes keto friendly dishes.
Simply always ask to get non-breaded pieces. Go with chicken wings, legs, or thighs as they contain the most fat to fill you up and support ketone production and contain the least amounts of carbohydrates.

I’ve got some other fast food restaurants guides, check out my Buffalo Wild Wings Keto Guide.

The Ultimate Popeyes Keto Guide: Low Carb Options on the Go

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