The Ultimate Keto Buffalo Wild Wings Guide

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Buffalo Wild Wings is a global wing chain restaurant that can even be a keto-friendly option. Due to its popularity and the delicious wings taste, I thought making a guide on how to eat keto at Buffalo Wild Wings would be helpful to many of you.

By the way, I use to think that “B-Dubs” originally started in Buffalo but I was mistaken. Actually, the first Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant was opened on campus at Ohio State University and now it has around 1,200 locations across the United States and it also went internationally, even here in Canada we enjoy the delicious tasty wings.

Whether you go to “B-Dubs” for the tasty wings or to enjoy some sports events with your friends, odds are high that you’ll exceed your recommended calories intake, regardless of your diet limitations.

Ordering healthy at Buffalo Wild Wings could be tricky especially if you’re on a ketogenic diet. Just thinking by ordering wings (because they are low in carbs) you’re saving your keto diet, well…you’re mistaken.
Low in carbs doesn’t mean low in calories, fat, or sodium. This will definitely wreck your ketosis. Don’t get confused!

That’s why I’m writing this guide to show you how exactly you can eat keto at Buffalo Wild Wings while ordering some delicious food.

Let’s start:

Where To Find Nutritional Information For Buffalo Wild Wings Meals:

Buffalo Wild Wings provides nutritional information on its website, I sourced all my nutritional information from there. The information makes it easy for us to determine what to order and not. Please, if I made any errors regarding the values, let me know in the comment section and I’ll correct it.

What To Order:


Let’s start with Buffalo Wild Wings’ famous wings, in order to eat keto you have to stick with the traditional wings. Stay from boneless wings as they are too breaded and high in carbs, a snack size contains 60g of carbs which is a huge amount for someone on keto.

On the other hand, traditional wings have 0g carbs for snack size, 20g fat, and 44g protein. Yup! it’s a keto dream dish.


For signature sauces, I recommend you to stick with these keto-friendly options:

  • Hot – 3g carbs; 6g fat; 1g protein
  • Medium – 2g carbs; 4g fat; 0g protein
  • Mild – 2g carbs; 7g fat; 0g protein
  • Parmesan Garlic – 5g carbs; 19g fat; 2g protein
  • Spicy Garlic – 3g carbs; 6g fat; 1g protein
  • Wild – 4g carbs; 6g fat; 0g protein
Dry Seasonings:

All Buffalo Wild Wings’ dry seasonings have low carbs amount and won’t affect your keto diet, here the full list:

  • Buffalo – 1g carbs
  • Desert Heat – 1g carbs
  • Chipotle BBQ – 1g carbs
  • Lemon Pepper – 1g carbs
  • Salt & Vinegar – 1g carbs
Dips Choices:
  • Blue Cheese – 2g carbs
  • Ranch – 2g carbs

You can also add some veggies: Celery sticks which have 1g of carbs, Carrots & Celery combo have 3g carbs or Carrot sticks which contain 4g of carbs.

-Lunch & Dinner Options:

There are some clear lunch and dinner choices that are delicious and keto-friendly:


Buffalo Wild Wings burgers are full of carbs in form of bun, onion, tortilla chips, breading, or sugary sauces… skip all of that and choose from Burger Patty (0g carbs) or Grilled Chicken Breast (0g carbs).

Then, add some of the desired sauces and toppings that are safe for your keto diet.

Keto-Friendly Toppings:
  • American Cheese – 1g carbs; 6g fat; 3g protein
  • Bleu Cheese Crumbles – 0g carbs; 4g fat; 3g protein
  • Bleu Cheese Crumbles – 0g carbs; 4g fat; 3g protein
  • Cheddar Cheese – 1g carbs; 7g fat; 5g protein
  • Pepper Jack Cheese – 0g carbs; 6g fat; 5g protein
  • Hatch Chile con Queso – 0g carbs; 3.5g fat; 3g protein
  • Swiss Cheese – 0g carbs; 7g fat; 6g protein
Sandwiches, Wraps, And Tenders:

Again the same idea, you gonna take away bread from sandwiches and tortilla from wraps.

The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich or the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap are both great simple options as the first only contains 6g of carbs (with bread) and the latter contains 79g of carbs (with tortilla).

By eliminating the bread from the Chicken Sandwich, you’ll probably be at 0g of carbs and the tortilla from the Chicken Wrap you’ll get around 29g of carbs. Throwing away lettuce and tomato you’ll even get a significantly less amount of carbs.

Same modifications apply to all of these:

  • BBQ Chicken Sandwich
  • Classic Chicken Wrap
  • Pepper Jack Steak Wrap
  • Southwest Philly Cheesesteak
  • Grilled Chicken Buffalitos

For tenders opt-in for the Naked Tenders only, 0g of carbs for 4 pieces.

Sides And Salads:

Buffalo Wild Wings’ sides and salads are just too high in carbs for someone on keto. Skip them all and stick with the main dishes.


  • Red Bull Sugarfree – 3g carbs
  • Diet Pepsi – 0g carbs
  • Coffee – 0g carbs
  • Iced Tea – 1g carbs


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Foods To Avoid At Buffalo Wild Wings:

Here a list of foods that you shouldn’t order while trying to eat keto at Buffalo Wild Wings:

-Wings To Avoid:

Boneless wings are a big no-no and you should avoid them, they are too breaded and will kick you out of ketosis.

For a snack size, we got: 60g; 38g fat; 38g protein without any sauces or add-ons.

Sauces To Avoid:
  • Asian Zing – 31g carbs; 0g fat; 1g protein
  • Blazin’ – 7g carbs; 4g fat; 1g protein
  • Bourbon Honey Mustard – 25g carbs; 1.5g fat; 1g protein
  • Caribbean Jerk – 19g carbs; 4g fat; 0g protein
  • Honey BBQ – 26g carbs; 0g fat; 0g protein
  • Hot BBQ – 8g carbs; 2.5g fat; 1g protein
  • Jammin Jalapeno – 30g carbs; 0g fat; 0g protein
  • Mango Habanero – 26g carbs; 1g fat; 0g protein
  • Sweet BBQ – 17g carbs; 0g fat; 1g protein
  • Teriyaki – 22g carbs; 0g fat; 3g protein
  • Thai Curry – 6g carbs; 22g fat; 1g protein

-Lunch & Dinner To Avoid:

Here is a list of lunches and dinners that you should avoid while trying to eat low-carb at Buffalo Wild Wings:

Burgers To Avoid:
  • All-American Cheeseburger (Double) – 38g carbs; 53g fat; 48g protein
  • All-American Cheeseburger (Single) – 37g carbs; 31g fat; 27g protein
  • Cheese Curd Bacon Burger – 53g carbs; 116g fat; 69g protein
  • Buffalo Bleu Burger – 39g carbs; 57g fat; 46g protein
  • Southwestern Black Bean Burger – 65g carbs; 44g fat; 30g protein
Sandwiches, Wraps, And Tenders To Avoid:
  • Bayou Po’Boy – 72g carbs; 69g fat; 27g protein
  • Southwest Philly Cheesesteak – 49g carbs; 36g fat; 49g protein
  • BBQ Chicken Sandwich – 55g carbs; 20g fat; 53g protein
  • Pepper Jack Steak Wrap – 60g carbs; 69g fat; 56g protein
  • Southwest Philly Cheesesteak – 49g carbs; 36g fat; 49g protein
  • Grilled Chicken Buffalitos – 36g carbs; 21g fat; 44g protein
  • Crispy Tenders – 43g carbs; 29/g fat; 37g protein
  • Buffalo Mac & Cheese – 110g carbs; 76g fat; 47g protein
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake – 102g carbs; 29g fat; 85g protein
  • Cheesecake Bites – 73g carbs; 18g fat; 38g protein
  • Loaded Ice Cream – 71g carbs; 21g fat; 47g protein

Additional FAQ:

Is Diet Pepsi On Keto?

Diet Pepsi has 0 calories, 0g carbs, 0g sugars, and 0g protein. However, some people think that artificial sweeteners and fillers can have a bad effect on the ketosis state. But in reality, fake sugars won’t kick you out of ketosis but it can bring some additional health concerns.

I personally have no issues with Diet Pepsi but what I recommend is to drink it moderately. If you’re desperately looking for something sweet but have some weight gain concerns, allowing yourself a can of Diet Pepsi once in a while might be okay.

How Often Can I Eat “B-Dubs” On Keto?

Eating fast food on a daily basis probably isn’t a good idea, however, there is no shame in picking up some keto food at Buffalo Wild Wings occasionally.

When you’re on the go and have no time to prepare your meals, eating keto meals at “B-Dubs” can be a fast and easy way to stick to your macros without too many worries. A healthy diet shouldn’t restrict us sometimes from eating out.

Final Thoughts:

Buffalo Wild Wings is a great spot to meet with friends and enjoy some sports events. But you might find yourself eating french fries and drinking beers.

In any case, I recommend you to eat something small before going to “B-Dubs” just to make sure you aren’t starving when you get there.

Try to avoid any breaded shareable dishes. Instead, go with traditional wings and no-bun burgers.

You’ll want to stay away from the boneless wings and high-carb sauces like the Asian Zing sauce. “B-Dubs” has delicious naked tenders dish that you can order with some low-carb sauces, such as the Spicy Garlic sauce.

The final advice is to never feel socially obligated to eat something you shouldn’t. Be strict with your orders, this way you’ll stay in a ketosis state.

I’ve got some other fast food restaurants guides, check out my Popeyes Keto Guide Here.

The Ultimate Keto Buffalo Wild Wings Guide

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100+ Ketogenic recipes


100+ Ketogenic recipes